The Mars Volta | The Live EP
I am ecstatic that this amazing piece of sonic art is now available on Rhapsody. 4 live tracks from, in my opinion, the greatest contemporary rock band in the world. Culled from different performances from a 2003 world tour. Don't let the EMO or Post Punk labels fool you. If you had to categorize this band call them Neo-psychedelic as they resurrect the ghosts of Led Zeppelin with the prog leanings of Pink Floyd. Punishing frenetic walls of sound interspersed with sweet melodies and spaced out sound effects. Listen to the very unique style from up and coming shredder Omar Rodriguez Lopez and a vocalist who can sing like God, Cedric Zavala Bixler.

TK note: new Volta single "The Widow" is also now available through the magic of Rhapsody.

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