In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Grace, I have created the definitive Jeff Buckley Sampler. If you are not familiar with Jeff Buckley, give a listen to the incredible, incendiary, simply haunting vocals on this playlist. His songs are amazing, but equally impressive are his interpretations of covers like "The Way Young Lovers Do", "Night Flight", "Just Like A Woman", and "I Shall Be Released."

Among the most important albums to be released in the 1990s, an expanded edition of Grace was released by Columbia Records this week. Named as one of Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time," it was the only full-length album actually issued during Buckley's lifetime, and has sold over 2 million copies. Buckley died from drowning at age 30 while floating fully clothed, singing down the Mississippi River. His body was never found, he simply vanished. In my opinion, it is important to wiegh Grace with the young, raw energy of Jeff's first foray, playing Live at Sin-e (also available from Sony in a Legacy Edition). - TK

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Three New Rhapsody Exclusives:

1. R.E.M.: "Leaving New York" - R.E.M. are in no-nonsense mode on this track from their upcoming album, Around The Sun. It's as if they distilled their adventurous sides down to a bare minimum and just focused on writing a melodic pop song. Michael Stipe keeps it simple, writing with an "Everybody Hurts"-style directness.

2. Guster - Live from 6/17/04 Myrtle Beach, SC - This June 2004 concert feels like it was recorded on a perfect night as the sun was going down. The band's characteristic easiness is on full display here.

3. Guided By Voices, Half Smiles of the Decomposed - This is supposed to be the final word from Guided By Voices. Certainly not the last from Robert Pollard, but the last from the massively prolific GBV. Is it a fall from indie rock grace? Of course not. It's exactly the kind of brilliant, anthemic, jangling, riff-rocking pop that Pollard can do in his sleep.

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Check out Bruce Hornsby's new release Halcyon Days, its a bit of his normal AAA stuff, but he's got some really unique numbers, the album reminds me a lot of Randy Newman, which I'd never gotten from Hornsby before. Its a little quirky, less cheese (although there is still some of that on there). It is a fresh album though from one of my former favorites that I'd grown bored of after several very similar releases. Rock it. - G$Love

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The Hustle: Philadelphia boy G. Love still has his Special Sauce and is still knocking off blues folk, goofball white guy raps and bringing good vibes while continuing to stretch out on mellow tunes like "Lovin' Me" and "Stone Me." Meanwhile, back in eighth grade, "Booty Call" sounds like something a chubby class clown would get trash-canned for performing during nutrition break -- only it's good. - Nick D.

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'39-Queen-A Night At The Opera
Political Science-Randy Newman-Sail Away
Julia's Kitchen-The Slip-02.15.1998-Live On WERS 88.9FM-Boston, Massachusetts
No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature-The Guess Who-Greatest Hits
Concierto de Aranjuez - Allegro con spirito-Rodrigo-Concierto de Aranjuez
Joi-Kaki King-Everybody Loves You
Genesis-Jorma Kaukonen-Quah
Vernal Equinox-Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey-04.26.2003-Grog Shop-Cleveland, Ohio
Hazey Jane I-Nick Drake-Bryter Layter
Hazey Jane II-Nick Drake-Bryter Layter
Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa(Sad Song)-Otis Redding-The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul
Holly Would-Surprise Me, Mr. Davis-03.03.2004-The Tin Angel-Philadelphia, PA
1972 Bronze Medalist-The Bad Plus-These Are The Vistas

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I'm Depending On You-Otis Redding-The Very Best Of, Vol. 2
Monk's Mood-Thelonious Monk-The Complete Blue Note Recordings
Un Di Felice, Eterea-David Byrne-Grown Backwards
Hallelujah, I Love You-Maceo Parker-Mo'Roots
Intro-Will Bernard & Motherbug-08.16.2001-Civic Center Plaza-Oakland, California
Rounders-Will Bernard & Motherbug-08.16.2001-Civic Center Plaza-Oakland, California
Jungle Tango>Jam-The Jazz Mandolin Project-04.19.2001-Toad's Place-New Haven, Connecticut
Pet Sematary-The Ramones-Greatest Hits Live
Any Colour You Like-Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon
First Light-Freddie Hubbard-This is Jazz #25
I Wish-Stevie Wonder-Song Review:A Greatest Hits Collection

Freddie Hubbard's soulful, introspective blowing is a soft opposite of The Ramone's blaring and bleating Pet Sematary. Take an odyssey with The Jazz Mandolin Project or funk it up with Stevie.

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Check out this Rhapsody Exclusive from Gomez - Live at KEXP. On this live, mostly acoustic EP, British band Gomez strip down to the bare essentials. And while the format allows for a certain amount of gentleness, Gomez rock out with a grittiness that nearly shames the acoustic medium. Besides the always classic "Fill My Cup", check out "Silence" and "Nothing Is Wrong" for a guitar-friendly good time. - Linda R.

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Spring Heel Jack is insane. Imagine a fusion of jungle drum n bass and avant garde jazz creating a totally unique sound. Devastating, bleak, and intensely powerful melodies wail and storm, jazzy fuzz-box jungle notes twist in the air, and trumpets seem to assert that the forces of darkness have been let loose. Ambient noodlings and screeches cause tension and chills. With musical backgrounds including classical composition and rock production, Spring Heel Jack's John Coxon and Ashley Wales clearly bring ideas and influences well beyond clubland to their brand of experimental jungle. Albums like Amassed, Masses ( Masses, which featured collaborative efforts with pianist Matthew Shipp, violinist Mat Maneri, and saxophonists Tim Berne and Daniel Carter), Disappeared, Oddities, Treader, and a Live album. Give it a whirl!

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Baptism is the seventh album from Lenny Kravitz, and at this point the flashes of brilliance are few and far between. Kravitz proves once again that the talent he possesses will always be overwhelmed by his worst instincts, beyond the corny lyrics — just check out his "Dirty Mind" haircut on this great album cover. The penchant for rock clichés is evident on Baptism, as Lenny claims he's "the minister of rock’n’roll.” It’s a pretty bold claim for a guy who hasn't had a smash album in years. “I Don’t Want to Be a Star” tries to convince us of its title, but somebody should tell Lenny that growling, “I drank with Dylan/Boy, did we act a fool…I got high with Jagger/It was really cool,” suggests exactly the opposite. His corny lyrics suit the ballads (“Calling All Angels,” “Baptism” "The Other Side") which are great, in a way that Lenny has mastered. If he’s really the minister of rock’n’roll, it may be time to step down from the pulpit. The good news? Let Love Rule and Mama Said are still great all the way through. -tk

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Doug Sahm is the kind of overlooked artist that you come across now and then. When you hear his music, especially the early stuff he did with the Sir Douglas Quintet, you almost completely lose your mind because it's so good, and you're like, "What the hell is my problem? Why have I never given this guy a chance before?" It's all great, so just start with "Mendocino." You can't go wrong in Mendo... - Mike M.

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The D. They've written the self-proclaimed "greatest song in the world". They do cock pushups. They make me want to buy an oversized guitar and go on tour. KG and JB are Tenacious D. The material never gets old. Until it does. - DK

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Solomon Burke | Soul Alive! This is such a great live soul record, part gospel, part pure emotion, part beautiful rhythm and blues. None of his recordings showcase his command over an audience quite like Soul Alive!. Recorded in 1983 in Washington, D.C., the set proves Burke had lost little from his '60s heyday. His voice could swoon like a subdued gentleman, then suddenly burst out with such passion and intensity that it would make your skin crawl. He is really affecting some of the women in the audience on this album. If ever a man was possessed by the power of Gospel music, it was Solomon Burke. - tk

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New in Rhapsody:
Fatboy Slim covers "The Joker"? On this faithful Steve Miller Band cover, Fatboy Slim leaves his acid-tinged big beat past behind in favor of soulful, blissed-out rock. Worth at least one listen. - Mia

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