Nicolai Dunger | Soul Rush
What a voice this fellow has, sort of like Van Morrison reincarnate. Nicolai was discovered in the mid-nineties by a producer while playing his guitar and singing on a balcony in his hometown Piteå in the north of Sweden. He has since put out nine records, and we have the Soul Rush on Rhapsody. This album won a Swedish Grammy Award for Male Artist Album of the Year. The songs have grown on me, there is a timeless quality to them...tales of love, pain, happiness and melancholy, please give this record a few spins. Thanks to my man Brad Price in Chicago for turning me on to Nicolai. - TK

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Herbaliser | Take London
Do yo'self a favor and check out the new Herbaliser album, Take London. It features the return of the amazing and incredible Ms. Jean Grae who totally rocks my world. Dope, fresh beats galore. Enjoy!

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MF DooM | Metal Fingers Pres: Special Herbs
One of the most prolific artists in hip-hop, MF DOOM (aka King Geedora, Viktor Vaughn, etc.) strikes again with another collection of spastically funky instrumental freak-outs. The super villain's beat making prowess continues to evolve as he concocts dizzying audio tinctures out of ultra-obscure loops and dusty, stutter-step drums. Sick beats from an indie-rap icon. - B.Winning

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Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains
The Big Eyeball In The Sky

In this installment of the crazy Colonel Claypool's career, he teams with superfreak Buckethead, megafreak Bernie Worrell and Primusfreak Brain to create a jam supergroup and an album full of tight grooves and shreddy sixteenth notes. The Big Eyeball in the Sky ended up as eleven vastly different tracks, ranging from tight, four minute jam-pop political barbs ("Ignorance is Bliss") to one-take loose bass-laden instrumental jams ("Elephant Ghost"). Enjoy the freak show, but listen for the underlying message. - TK

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Petra Haden does The Who Sell Out
Whose idea was this? How did it come to be? Why does it work? Well, you can thank Mike Watt, who gave Petra an 8-track cassette with the original album on one of the tracks, and left the other seven empty for Petra to not only cover the album herself, but do it a cappella. So Haden does actually sing the entire album by herself, with herself, and of herself. And yes, she even covers the little jingles in between the songs. It's great, if you love the original, it's an appropriate tribute to the mods and their Armenia city in the sky. Best harmonies are on "I Can See For Miles". - TK

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Foo Fighters | Live at Roswell
An exclusive, explosive live set from the Foo Fighters' anniversary celebration gig that RealNetworks sponsored down at the "home of the original alien" in Roswell, New Mexico. Recorded in an airplane hangar, the sound is surprisingly good as the band powers through several of the tracks on In Your Honor. The especially rugged, 10-minute version of "Stacked Actors" is the blistering highlight. - Pru

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Stratosphere Boogie: The Flaming Guitars Of Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant
This pedal steel and guitar duo's telepathic take on rockabilly-heavy Western swing is high-speed, unpredictable and weird in a way only music from the 1950s can be. The structures are traditional enough, but at some point during every song, pedal steel god Speedy West goes off into some stratospheric freak-out, turning expected notions of country music on their ear. - M.M.

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