Endless Highway: A Tribute to the Band
Here's why tribute albums usually suck: Seldom do new artists record better versions of original versions. Most tributes are compiled by indie labels who put their friends' unknown, sucky bands on just to give them exposure. Now here's why this tribute album doesn't suck. Jack Johnson (with ALO) can woo more women than all five members of The Band combined with his perfect rendition of "I Shall Be Released." Jim James & MMJ will make you weep if you listen to "It Makes No Difference." The Band's songs are so stellar that not even Blues Traveler can ruin "Rag Mama Rag." For the first time in his recording career, Jakob Dylan doesn't sound bored on "Whispering Pines." That kid from Gomez with the glasses still sings like Eddie Vedder, as heard "Up on Cripple Creek." Plus, "Acadian Driftwood" is the finest song ever written about the forcible displacement of the Acadian people with Cajun roots from eastern Canada. The Band were storytellers of the highest order, these are the same great stories told by some new faces, give it a whirl. - E. Shea (plus two cents from TK)

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