J.J. Cale. The Legend's Legend.

Listen now!  J.J. Cale sampler on JamBaseRhapsody!How many markets have classic rock stations, and how many of those stations played "Cocaine", "Call Me the Breeze" and "After Midnight". We're talking about the definition of seventies rock and roll, seriously. How altered is Clapton without Cale as the influence? Tonight in Petaluma, the legend was so unassuming, he was just walking around the stage before the show started, no fan fare, the total anti-rockstar, plain t-shirt and simple wooden stool. Man, what guitar tone he has, it's so warm and oozy, like running water. Clean and resonant. The songs are so simple, yet so eloquent. He says so much with so little. Give the classics a listen, and if you're unfamiliar, learn the legend. - tk

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