Went out and saw Railroad Earth at the Independent last night. Really a very good band, more than just bluegrass, great instrumentation, guitarist played dobro, flute and kept switching depending on the song. They are poised to be the next Leftover as they wind down their career. Todd Schaefer's voice is really so soothing, and I love it because it reminds me of yesteryear, when he crooned for NJ natives From Good Homes. Anyway, if it piques your interest, their new album on Sugar Hill, called The Good Life is up for streaming and burning on Rhapsody. Check out the untitled track at the end, Todd and I seem to both agree that "New Jersey ain't what it used to be." Also, their two older albums, Bird In A House and The Black Bear Sessions. I'll drop them a note and see if they want to submit some live shows to JamBaseRhapsody. - TK

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