Widespread Panic's new joint, Uber Cobra is now streaming on Rhapsody. This album is their second live release from the November 2003 House of Blues run, and Widespread Panic has released 12 acoustic tracks that allow George McConnell to display his strength on guitar. Mixing Panic staples like Neil Young's "Walk On," and "Can't Get High" with reworked bluegrass versions of "Imitation Leather Shoes" and "Mercy" shows a Panic beast that is adapting to it's new lineup. Toss in a few rare nuggets like "Party At Your Mama's House" and "Geraldine & the Honeybee" and all of a sudden you have a must have for any Panic fan.  - The Tall Boy

If you're new to the game of Panic, you might want to start with this Widespread Panic Sampler.

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