Thanks to the Shark for this recommendation. The UK's Snow Patrol has a new album out on Universal, called Final Straw. This is a superb bounce-up-and-down indie rock album that may knock your socks off. Snow Patrol's quiet-loud-quiet approach to music is cooler than Coldplay, and the discordant grittiness that kicks up the hooks on songs like "Run," "Spitting Games" and "Little Tiny Fractures" and makes them burn a little hotter. Obviously influenced by the Super Furry Animals, Final Straw is a heart-crushing mix of distorted British pedal rock and US alternative guitar pop, with some great vocal work to take you over the top. Also, the record is quite well-produced, there some beautiful quiet swirling noises here on this record ("Same"). Turn it up on the headphones, be transported from your office to another land. - TK

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