Big Head Todd and the Monsters | Midnight Radio
Still one of my top ten albums of all time, Midnight Radio is by far the best effort of this Colorado trio. Even after twelve years of regular listens, this record continues to shine brightly like "city burning like a dream" or like the light from a tower in the distance, just "broadcasting it's resistance through the rain and through the night."

There is an intimacy in the way Midnight Radio was recorded, live and in the raw, achieving an unique ambience by being recorded with so little production, most of it on just two tracks. Makes you firmly believe that "yes indeed, there is a paradise...and a band is playing there."

Todd Park Mohr's bluesy voice and exceedingly shreddy guitar riffs will definately leave a lasting imprint. You can feel the loneliness in driving far from home, you can feel the honesty of playing your heart out in front of nobody. If you don't have time for the whole record, start at "Love Betsy" and listen to the whole second half. Preferably while you're "driving far from home, reckless and alone, on a long black road..." - TMK

YES YES YES:....Midnight Radio gets into my TOP 5 and most probably TOP 3....the best funky rock drumming, the killer guitar solos, Todds lyrics in this album run the gamut from funk to poetry to wild west gunslinging to love unrequieted...if you are just getting into BHTM then you HAVE to buy this album 1st!
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