I was a bit dumbfounded when I heard that Dimebag (or Diamond as he was first known) Darrell from Pantera had been gunned down on stage. I haven't listened to Pantera since I was 16 and looking for heavy intense but still melodic guitar slingers to obsess over, Dimebag was the perfect next hero after Randy Rhodes and Zack Wylde. Dimebag could play the grittiest and cleanest solos at the same time. He was one of the best metal guitarists to not only play notes but make a statement with his solo. I haven't listened to Pantera for 10 years now and it is probably a little to heavy for most of you (and me now), but to get a sense of Pantera, check out Vulgar Display of Power, the first three tracks are especially good. "When I channel my hate to productive, I don't find it hard to impress." - Pantera, "Mouth for War". Unfortunately the outlet that Pantera provided for the anger of disenfranchised youth ended up killing one of them. RIP Dimebag. - G$love

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