The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes (1967) is downright amazing. Thanks to my new friend Dean for alerting me to this story of a psychedelic jazz pickin' folkie ahead of his time. Jake wrote "Dazed and Confused" and played it when he opened for The Yardbirds one time, and Jimmy Page sorta picked it up and worked it into his repertoire with Led Zeppelin. You've got to read the story of Jake Holmes, it is fascinating. As Will Shade put it, "How many musicians can claim to have been in a comedy team with Joan Rivers, written a concept album for Frank Sinatra, had one of their songs stolen by Led Zeppelin and hung out with Nelson Mandela?" Listen to The Above Ground Sound as well as A Letter to Katherine December, both revived from the dead on vinyl by itsaboutmusic.com. - TK

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