Citizen Cope | The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
One-man-band Greenwood does a Marshall Mathers here, titling a record after his given name, not his nom de plume. By stripping the sound of his well-produced debut down to the bone, Greenwood dials into a new urgency on cuts "A Bullet and a Target" and "Penitentiary." What hasn't changed is the man's musical gumbo of rap, folk, rock and 1970s soul. Standout tracks are "D'artagnan's Theme" and "My Way Home" - both with hooks that will catch you if you give it a chance. The more you listen, the better it gets. - TK/JM/G$

Thanks for this... I knew he was playing Bonnaro this year but never heard his music. Real catchy and super laid back. Trust me, lsten to it fools!
I happened upon this gritty album and it stirs amy herat and fills my soul. How can I learn more about Clarence, is he single? how old is he? Desiree
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