The Honeydogs rock. They're one of the best things that came out of Minneapolis in the 90s. They sound like the love child of Adam Duritz and Paul McCartney, they've got some of the best pop changes I've heard in a while. I was a big fan of some of their past albums, but this is their crowning achievement, a pop-opera called 10,000 years, about our society's scary future, released by Michael Penn's label, Tinderbox Records. They are the classic example of a major label destroying a band, more people should know their music. (Their album came out the week that Mercury switched presidents from Ed Ekstine to Danny Goldberg, and Goldberg made sure that none of Ekstines acts had a chance to succeed, a side bar, randomly our friend Adam Haft signed them to Mercury as their A&R guy in '97) ...10,000 Years. Check it out, it is one of the best melodic pop-rock albums I've heard in awhile. - gmoney

The song 10,000 Years (aka the title track) is a great tune, super catchy! "Panhandler's Serenade" is also great, I'm liking thes guys, thanks G.

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