So, I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of work I'm facing at the moment, so I REALLY shouldn't be taking the time to write this, but I really needed to get it out there as I've finally "gotten" this album. Reid Genauer & The Assembly of Dust's) The Honest Hour. I've heard the album probably 15 times now, it was good from the first listen and each listen it has gotten a little better, but I still hadn't put this as a go to album, well this listen has just changed that. If you are into 70's singer-songwriters with a jazzy influence (I know this eliminates some of you, Cirrito), this album is right up your alley, think Jackson Browne meets Steely Dan. The changes are familiar but there is something about each one that is unique. Genauer's story telling is top notch and the more I listen the hooks get stronger and stronger. Give it a listen (a few times) sometime soon, it'll do you well. - G$

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