Benevento Russo Duo | Best Reason to Buy The Sun
So our boys The Duo are all grown up and have moved out of Jamville, got a big macher to manage the circus, a real record label, a top notch producer who did Beck and REM, and even caught the ear of D. Fricke at SXSW. And for good reason. This record is solid throughout, it sounds amazing, the sound is really vast and expansive. Some standout tracks include "Welcome Road" is the scenic road I want to walk down after an epic night gallavanting. "Sunny's Song" creates a truly epic feeling and "9x9" is just an amazing song, I recall being blown away by it at the ropeadope new music seminar. The drums are telling you that this is a beats album, the keys are rooted in jazz, and the complete package sounds like it fell off the indie rock truck, so tight and melodic, yet dissonant, just waiting for nasal vocals to chime in. For The Duo, I am happy as a clam that no one sings, their music does enough justice on its own. Don't try to classify them, just listen to them. - TK

Agree w reveiw of "Best Reason" However the song is "Welcome Red" Sunny's song gets better after each listen.. almost seems like it has words..
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