Andrew Bird | The Mysterious Production of Eggs
Andrew Bird is a previously unimaginable combination of songwriter, violinist, guitarist, vocalist and professional whistler. His unfailingly unique and striking music is jawdropping. Seriously, he is one of the amazing performers I have seen in a long while, taking his often dense, orchestrated recordings and rewrites them anew each night, adding hypnotic layers of bowed violin, pizzicato violin, multiple electric guitar parts, and glockenspiel to his vocals and other-worldly whistling - you have to see it to believe it, melodies only a Bird could make.

He is a classical composer playing the whole orchestra, save for the drums, by himself, building a mini-symphony underneath his beautiful vocal and whistling parts. You think the loops are amazing on their own, and then he starts to sing, and you hear these incredible songs, some Lou Reed, lots of Jeff Buckley and a few parts Stephen Malkmus. In between lyrics are these complex instrumental "interludes", like classic movie soundtrack music.

Listen to "A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left" off of his The Mysterious Production of Eggs. Bird is touring in support of this new record, his first studio album in nearly two years, and his second on Righteous Babe Records.

(Mp3 link today, as Righteous Babe is not up on Rhapsody....yet - putting R.B.Records at the top of my list of labels to sign)
- TK

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