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This 2004 release of the debut full-length by the Eagles of Death Metal features QOTSA main man Josh Homme (who goes by the alias of Carlo Von Sexron, and handles drums, rather than his usual guitar/vocal duties). Issued via Homme's own Rekords Rekords label, and AntAcidAudio (a sister label of Ipecac Records, run by Mike Patton), this record came about through collaboration with Homme and Jesse Hughes (vocals, guitar), a friend of Homme's from high school. I listened to it a bunch this weekend, it is really catchy, and is not death metal, in case you were wondering. If you are scared of the name and only want to check one track, click here for "Whorehoppin'" and you'll say shit-gaddamn! - TK

I saw EODM open for QOTSA a few nights ago and still can't get those riffs out of my head. Best show of the year (thus far) - the tour is hitting a few more cities, details at qotsa.com. The combo of these two bands in one night reminded me of when The Time opened for Prince on the 1999 & Purple Rain tours....also, EODM is working on a new record....woo hoo! coming soon on Rekords Rekords......
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