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Yes, the lo-fi guitar, bass, and drum trio has been done before. A thousand times. I'm not saying this group is revolutionary, but lead singer Erika Wennerstrom brings a different vocal than the usual male rock trio. When she sings, "My new resolution is to be, someone who does not care what anyone thinks of me, cause I don't even like myself half the time. And what's the use of worrying what's on other people's minds..." I just want to scream yeah, Yeah, YEAH!
If you humor me and listen to one track on this new Fat Possum title, please listen to "Runnin" (currently holding the lead for track of the week- and i know it's only Monday, but this song kicks significant levels of ass). -TK

Brett McCallon wrote of the Heartless Bastards, "Sure, it's simple, three-piece rock, and sure, you've heard all of these licks, themes and tones before, but you haven't heard this band. You haven't heard these three musicians try to prove that rock and roll is still a going concern."

Heartless Bastards also appear on a pretty interesting Fat Possum compilation, a group of diverse artists taking a shot at the songs of Junior Kimbrough. Also appearing on the album Sunday Nights - The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough are Spiritualized, Black Keys, Fiery Furnaces, and Iggy and the Stooges.

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