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I saw a funny comedic show the other night in NYC, a live album recording by WAR? artist/comedian Stephen Lynch. He's a comedian that plays songs on his guitar, and he had a full band (sorta) in the Symphony Space with him on Monday. If you want a laugh and aren't afraid to laugh hard at some shameless material, check out his two albums, Superhero and A Little Bit Special. Highlights include tracks "D&D," "Special," and some material from a forthcoming album, including a hilarious song about Craig Christ, the less famous, party machine brother of the lord. Still chuckling about that one. - TK

Stephen Lynch is like Tenacious D but even more offensive and clever! wide range, quite a register. I heard he was supposed to be at bonaroo this year but something came up. He was great on tour with Mitch Hedberg (R.I.P. mitch!) - I like his live cd Superhero the best, but the Special one is good too, it's got Jay Mohr on it.
Great Post but was not what I was looking for. But you really have a gread blog here. Keep it going.

I'll stop back every so often to see new updates maybe something will interest me in the future.

Have a good day.
I dig the Nazi song! It's pretty dam catchy! He reminds me of "Whitie McWhiteivichs songs at http://www.songsforamerica.net " i heard Whitie on the radio in Detroit. They were play a song called " Party At The Manoogian " about Detroits Mayor Kwame " Dam Funny". I download some of his other songs and they are in the same vain as Stephen Lynch offensive but more topical.

Fan - Rob D.
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