Stephen Malkmus | Face The Truth
"Done is good, but done well is so much fucking better." - SM
The third solo album from the greatest (at the very least the most obnoxious) songwriter of our generation is, as always, better than you expect it to be.
As his career has progressed, the albums have moved forward with maturity. SM keeps tweaking those knobs, adding layers of sound to classic-sounding SM tunes using electronics, pianos and vocal harmonies. Pru says these are 'smartly-arranged tunes that zigzag through various tempos and bewildering lyrical couplets....He's at the top of his game on tracks like "Mama" and "Baby C'mon," but the real stunner is the eight-minute guitar opus "No More Shoes."' Love the ooziness and violin harmony of "Malediction," we should all be so cursed, SM. - TK

great call...just got this album and a new copy of Dinosaur jr.'s "you're living all over me" (lost both that album and green mind in the last two years).
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