Jerry Garcia | Ten Years Gone (a playlist for 08/09/05)
I can't believe it's been ten years since we lost Jerry. Wasn't it just last summer we did all the shows from RFK to Giants Stadium? Wasn't it just a few years ago we caught the Garcia Band at the Spectrum? Time has passed, but legends like his grow larger. Jerry was the first man who inspired so many of us on such a level that we chose to devote our lives to music. And not just any music, but those sounds which transcend both space and time, the kind that shows you the light in the strangest of places, just by playing those cascading notes with otherworldly force, spinning your soul. Do what you will to honor the memory today.
If Rhapsody can help in some way, here is a playlist of songs Jerry played on, including some rare improvs from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack, some Grisman/Garcia stuff, some Europe '72 (including an outtake not on CD) and and some undeniable classics: "Attics of My Life," "Ripple," "He's Gone," and "Brokedown Palace." I only wish we had the whole JGB and Dead catalogs, I'll get to work on that today. Fare thee well... - TK

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