Steve Kimock Band | Eudemonic
Eudemonic: (adj.) 1. producing happiness and well-being. 2. Of or relating to a theory of ethics whose primary goal is happiness and well-being through personal enlightenment and experience. Eudemonic also happens to be the name of the new Steve Kimock Band album, released today on SCI-Fidelity label. Well worth a listen, Kimock's soothing guitar tones have aged gracefully, and this tight band of Rodney Holmes on drums, Alphonso Johnson on bass, Mitch Stein on guitar, and Jim Kost on keyboards. Rodney's work really stands out, so deft, tasteful but never overpowering. There are classic Kimock guitar sounds on this ("In Reply" and "Tongue 'N Groove"), as well as some country-flavored rock ("Bouncer"), and even some hard rock ("The Bronx Experiment.") For the sake of your own well-being, give Eudemonic a listen for sure! - TK

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