My Morning Jacket | Z (ATO/BMG)
Back to back posts for two of the top ten albums of the year. Tis the season I guess. Rhapsody has got the exclusive album preview on streaming of Z (how do these guys keep scoring like that?!? they must have a great staff, obvi). Listening to Z online only makes me want to purchase it more on Tuesday. You should too, because it's that good; every listen brings out a new lyrics or subtle nuance.

To quote the tall and wise Kayceman, "There are secrets in the dark shading (like the backwards vocals in the dubbed-out, Live at Pompeii back-end of "Off The Record") and small truths that refuse to speak loudly (such as the angelic, stripped-down, more familiar vocals of Jim James on "Knot Comes Loose") Kayce also notes, "With "Dondante" Jim James and My Morning Jacket have taken the language of music and made it universal. They have created a masterpiece that can change one's perception."

This album is so deep, so chock full of great songs, in addition to those noted above, my current two faves are the retro surf-rock of "What A Wonderful Man" or the oozy keys (and deep lyrics) on ""Anytime". If the songs themselves didn't stand up, there is also The Voice of Jim James, the best in the game. The album is worth the purchase price for the first four minutes, featuring a "Wordless Chorus" way up in the high register, as if JJ were Benny and the Jets. From start to finish, it is easy to love every track on this record, none of which sound like any MMJ which has come before it. Listen on repeat, and get hooked on the Z. - TK

simply a wicked record.
**big and tall**
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