North Mississippi Allstars | Electric Blue Watermelon
Hadn't heard they were putting out a new record, but the EBW just went live today. Classic NMA, the slithering big bass of Chris Chew, the vocals and fretwork of Luther and brotha Cody hittin the skins. EBW was produced by dad Jim Dickinson and features performances by Lucinda Williams, Robert Randolph, Dirty Dozen Brass Band. "Electric Blue Watermelon" was the name of a loosely assembled band led by Memphis musician Lee Baker, who played blues festival gigs in Memphis during the 1960s.
     One track rec: "No Mo" is a great blues song, set to a hip-hop chorus of "it ain't the same no mo'." I was LOL on this one, talkin bout back in the day, growin up "we were the kids in trouble, me and my brother... like two dogs scrappin over a bone, we were fightin over the telephone, now we don't take calls....we used to climb the walls juiced up on Kool-Aid and caffiene" when music was a mystery, had the headphones on and the Silvertone "tuned to open E." EBW does well at paying homage to the NMAS blues idols while bringing in guest musicians, keeping it loose and fun. - TK

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