Buckethead | Enter The Chicken
Moving beyond the great late Bruce Lee kung-fu flick Enter The Dragon, the man with the bucket on his head brings his axe and his friends to a new release, just live in Rhapsody. BUCKETHEAD & FRIENDS make their striking debut with Enter The Chicken on Serjical Strike Records, the label spearheaded by System of a Down's Serj Tankian. Joining Buckethead is a wide spectrum of vocalists and players including Tankian, Efrem Schulz of Death By Stereo, Saul Williams, Gigi Laswell, and Azam Ali of Vas, just to name a few. 11 different singers specializing in musical styles ranging from opera, metal, rap, indie rock, grindcore, world and everything in between found their way onto Enter The Chicken. It's intense, entering the chicken. - TK

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