Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey | The Sameness of Difference
A wonderful album by my favorite freaks from Oklahoma. I've loved the Fred since Thanksgiving of 2000, but they have yet to put out an album has captivated my attention like this one has. Produced by Joel Dorn and engineered by Gene Paul (son of Les), it simply sounds amazing, and it flows wonderfully as well. Plus, the song choices are delicious. Besides always incredible originals (Halliburton Breakdown", the covers on the record are the glue that holds it tightly together. The Flaming Lips "The Spark that Bled" is done justice, along with "Happiness Is a Warm Gun," "Don't Let It Bring You Down," and a drippingly basstastic Have You Ever Been To Electric Ladyland?" I'll be a Fred Head for life. - TK

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