Phish | Live At Madison Square Garden New Year's Eve 1995
I can't believe it's been ten years since this legendary run....my how we've grown. It still made me quite happy to see this show pop up on Rhapsody today. Anytime you get a crisp sounding New Years' version of "Reba", "Sanity," and "You Enjoy Myself, well, you know it's worth a listen or two. The highlight of 95 New Years? Mike's -> Auld Lang Syne -> Groove, complete with Time Factory/setbreak. And has there ever been a better cover of The Who's "Drowned"? Methinks not, but would accept Big Cypress 1/1/00 and possibly accept 12/3/97 as well, but those shows did not have a stunningly beautiful Who "Sea and Sand" to complement it, give S&S a listen ASAP. For comic relief, there's the sickest "Audience Chess Move" ever released on digital? Band resigns and bands and fans tie 1 to 1! Oh how crazy life was ten years ago. One thing that is really ironic to me is that the song they poke fun at during Forbin->Mockingbird shares the same title as the new Trey album that is being made fun of today. "Shine" on, brother. - TK

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