Trey Anastasio's Celebrity Playlist
In celebration of his new album Shine, Trey provided a playlist to another paid download provider (Thanks to Guy S for the inside tip!) Now, you could pay $10 to hear what 10 songs big red gets inspired by, or you could click here and stream the same 10 tracks through the magic of Rhapsody. The playlist consists of one song each by Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Pretenders, Talking Heads, Rufus Wainwright, Bob Marley, David Bowie, and... Devo. Just found out that the Black Crowes have added Trey to the NYE show at MSG. Seeing Trey at the Garden, brings back memories of 12.30.94, 12.30-31.95, 10.21-22.96, 12.29-31.97. While I would rather see My Morning Jacket at this point in my life, I will keep an open mind and hope to be blown away by Trey...insane things have happened before with the hollow Languedoc and simultaneous pedal stomping madness. See you there? -TK

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