Okkervil River | Black Sheep Boy
I realize every hipster on the block was into this record last year (yes, I remember you telling me about this record last July in Chicago, McD) and the ultracool were into Okkervil River in 2002, but you know, everyone goes at their own pace. Especially when it comes to whiny indie rock about failed relationships. Call it what you will, heartbreaking, emotional, intense, whatever- this record is fantastic and has grown on me the last six months, since I heard them on Sammy's Nu2U compilation. Will Sheff's voice could be one of those 'love it or hate it' kind of things, and no one's going to care if you think the album is crap. If you connect at all, give it five listens, there is meaning deeper than what's on the surface. Also worth noting that Rhapsody is now streaming the Black Sheep Boy Appendix with seven more songs in the same vein. - TK
One Track Recommendation: "So Come Back, I Am Waiting"

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