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Band of Horses just released their first full length record on SubPop. The sound might be described as sort of like a light Jacket that you would put on in the Morning, but singer Ben Bridwell does indeed have a special voice, and his rhythm section is driving and powerful. One can't help but nod along and agree with Ben as he sings on "Funeral," "In every occasion, I'm ready for the funeral." Mellow yet entrancing, subtle yet blissful, the album is just short of outstanding all the way through. Props to SubPop, they always seem to know how to pick 'em. - TK
One Track Recommendation: "Wicked Gil"
Note to those in SanFran: Band of Horses plays at the Independent tonight. Get involved!

I saw these guys play at The Independent (photo). They were short a guitarist (food poisining) but they still sounded great!
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