The Secret Machines | Ten Silver Drops
Two months before the physical street date, please immediately drop everything and rock out to this outstanding new album by The Secret Machines, called Ten Silver Drops. In it's entirety, more than just the single. TSD is more outstanding darkness from this Texas trio, both gentle power-pop and extremely intense space-rock, yet all the while easy to digest. Don't be scared, stare into the lights. - TK
The Single: "Alone, Jealous and Stoned"

Thanks for pointing it out. I've heard a lot about them, but little of them. I did make it all the way through this album, something I wasn't able to do for the Arctic Monkeys, Of Montreal, Clap Your Hands, Arcade Fire and several other of the "trendy indie" bands of late (just not my thing...) I'd go so far as to say I'll even listen to this again :P Thanks.
I agree with TK in all aspects. Fav track is "I hate Pretending"... Get involved.

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