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Long before the era of digitally enabled instant satisfaction, I used to make analog tapes where I would record my favorite song, hit program, and then record the same song again on the other side of the tape. While this didn't make the best use of 90 minutes of blank tape it did allow me to consume my favorite songs faster than if I had to hit the rewind button (who had the time for that?). If I were still at that game today you can bet I'd make just such a tape of Silversun Pickups' "Kissing Families". This is hand down the most infectious song I've heard in 2006 and its a must hear. "Kissing Families" packs a raw and emotional punch layering distorted guitars with rhythmic hooks and abstract lyrics. If you dig Smashing Pumpkins, Pinback or The American Analog Set, then these guys are for you. Check them with the Two Gallants and Street to Nowhere Friday, 3/31 (TONIGHT!) at Bimbo's. Enjoy ~ Cirrities

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