Street To Nowhere | Charmingly Awkward
I never really had a Weezer power-pop phase, but I may be having one now after all these years. Having recently admitting in public that I secretly enjoy "Sugar, We're Goin Down" (have you seen the YouTube vid?) and now finding myself listening repeatedly to the new Street to Nowhere album, with its catchy choruses that stay in your brain with power chords so that you can feel it and start screamin about it. The album is well-named, it's Charmingly Awkward. You can tell these are young kids, but the sound is outstanding, it is remarkably well-produced for a first album. You gotta hear some of these tracks, they are so catchy, I find myself screamin' out "Screamin" while I'm scheming. It's a new sound coming. So I listened to the CD again, and the more I listened to, the more songs hooked me. The next obvious hook is "Boxcars, Boxcars, Boxcars" with the background plucked violins and rising chorus. After Boxcars, I moved to the clinking glasses and bar-room sing-a-long ending on the ridiculously infectious "Tipsy." Ten bucks says if you listen to Tipsy three times, you'll find yourself humming the "oh hell yeah, all i need is you" chorus. Who are these kids from Oakland? Don't know, but I can't wait to see them open for Two Gallants and Silversun Pickups on Friday at Bimbos! See you there? Oh hell yeah! - TK

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