Apollo Sunshine | Katonah
Holy Smokes. Apollo Sunshine's Katonah finally sunk in today for the first time after about 3 listens. It finally connected in that way that makes you wonder, "what the hell was I hearing before" and "how is this not the biggest band in the 'semi-popular music' world right now". The album has so much of what I love in music. The quirky beauty of the best baroque pop (a la The Flaming Lips), harmonies that remind me of Queen, complexity and technical proficiency used in a tasteful way that ADDS to the music (a la Frank Zappa), and emotive vocals and catchy hooks (a la Ben Folds), all with an underlying Beatles influence throughout. All of this wrapped up into one tight trio (now a quartet). And usually all within the same song. Some of the highlights on the album include: Anyways, like I said, this album honestly took about 3 listens for me to totally fall head over heels in love with it. If any or all of these influences sound good to you though, give this album a shot as it will likely do the same to you. - G$H

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