Bob Marley | Live in In Gabon, Africa (1980)
Today, another 6 live albums by the Legend of Legend went live in Rhapsody. That takes Bob's total entries on Rhapsody over the 100 mark, this natty legend appears on 104 albums in the Rhapsody system at this point. These new shows are not the most top-quality soundboard ever, but they are live and raw and you can chant down babylon via the internet.
Check 'em out mon:
  • Live In Connecticut
  • Live in In Gabon, Africa (1980)
  • At The Apollo, NYC (1979)
  • Rastaman Vibration Tour, Philadelphia (1975)
  • Live in Portland, OR (1978)
  • Also, a new trick, when you want to start streaming any Rhapsody artist through web-based Rhapsody, just type in this style of URL: http://play.rhapsody.com/bobmarley.
    It's easy skankin' from here on in... andit works for any artist, try it! - TK

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