Built to Spill | You in Reverse
I would rather wait five years from one of my favorite bands to get a masterpiece than have schlock delivered just to get a product out the door. Chalk up another ten reasons to love and respect Doug Martsch and Built to Spill. You in Reverse is wonderfully underproduced swirling guitar rock from start "Goin' Against Your Mind" to finish ("The Wait"). "Conventional Wisdom" is easily one of the catchiest songs I've heard since "Carry the Zero." As Michelle K-Tel eloquently wrote, "The track ('Conventional Wisdom') is so crisscrossed with guitar solos that it evolves into a mighty indie jam that approximates a modern day "Layla". Don't hesitate, listen now...and later. - TK

Boy... BTS has always had a lot of Phish fans in their corner, but I can imagine it being closer to 100% now with this one.

I like it a lot (especially "Convential Wisdom"!) but I personally could use a little less 'jamming'...

This is, of course, coming from a Martsch fan going back to Treepeople, so I'm a little bit biased.
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