The Go! Team | Thunder, Lightening, Strike
I've been shuffling over this band in my Creative Zen "play all" for a few months now. Today, however, The Go! Team has made the finals and I have been won over. Ironically, I hit this new favorite jackpot 24 hours too late and missed their performance at the Great American last night. Please tell me that the sold-out crowd danced to this music; standing still for The Go! Team would be like falling asleep at the homecoming football game. The album Thunder, Lightening, Strike is fun, bouncy, triumphant and exciting with each song reminiscent of youthful sunny days, bike rides, soccer games, roller skating parties and early 80's theme songs. Check out the track, "Bottle Rocket"- its a bit groovy, a bit catchy and totally J.J. Fad meets Hawaii 5-0. Track titles such as "Friendship Update" and "Everyone's a VIP to Someone" warm my social worker, camp counselor, best friend-loving heart and the songs themselves are worthy of blasting in the car with the windows down on a sunny afternoon's drive. This album is celebratory and cheerful while also tough and a little obnoxious; this is music that will bring out the Sporty Spice in all of us. Next chance I get to experience them live, I'm throwing on my Kangaroos and cheering for The Go! Team. - Julie B.

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