Bobby Previte | Coalition of the Willing
Part sixties groovatron throwback, part Bitches Brew-era freakout, part shredtastic guitar rock, and part orchestral saxaphonics. This album is Previte at his best, limbs moving swiftly in time, ridin deep in the pocket, keeping excessively cool. Charlie Hunter puts down his 8-string guitar and picks up a Fender Telecaster and a Fender Bass for the first time ever on record. Even Stanton Moore and Steven Bernstein make appearances.
Previte is on a west coast tour this week with a slammin' Coalition of the Willing all-star band, featuring Charlie Hunter, Marco Benevento and saxfreak Skerik. Another quality ropeadope release, and they're already giving away an mp3 of the first 20 minutes of the first night of the band's tour. So Ropeadope! See you Saturday at the Independent? - TK

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