Brightblack Morning Light (self-titled)
My Matador friend has been telling me I'd like this album for a while. Perhaps that's why I never gave it a listen? I don't really have an excuse for just now getting around to digging this record, because my man was right on. What threw it over the top was JamBase making it the hot new band of the month for June. The JamBasers write, "The way they tell it, the Brightblack Morning Light is a sacred time of day 'where spirits are allowed access' and 'the truth of the universe is faded into a veil of blue sky.' Prepare yourself for a sound reminscent of children conceived on that field in Woodstock back in '69. But now it's 2006 and this duo takes tripped out to a new dimension." Heady! On their self-titled Matador debut, they ooze slow-burning songs that simmer sleepy guitar effects (a la early Spiritualized) with lazy freak folk (think Vetiver on Oxycontin) as heavy-lidded male/female vocal harmonies slow dance around hushed horns and an old Wurlitzer jazz piano. My favorite, the slow oozer "Star Blanket River Child". - TK/ES/JB

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