Dirty on Purpose | Hallelujah Sirens
Mr. G (who sits next to me at work) told me about these guys after their last release, and I wrote it off as too indie, as I'm wont to do. But this album is great, really growing on me. It's got the classic My Bloody Valentine meets The Cure feel, yet on the other hand, it's got layers of depth, mixing guitars, vocals with a little horn action (like in the first track "No Radio"). Plus, it's got the sultry vocals of Erika from Au Revoir Simone. Not sure if she's hot, but she sounds it. Easy to digest and be impressed by hearing the catchy "Light Pollution." The screaming, intertwined guitar work of "Monument" is a standout (could be my favorite after my twelfth listen) as well as the ethereal buildup on "Fake Lakes." In short, I'm endorsing repeated listens of this record. It will grow on you. - TK
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