Gov't Mule | High & Mighty (pre-release exclusive!)
This week, Rhapsody has the pre-release exclusive on the new Gov't Mule album. High & Mighty is a stellar evolution of the Mule, and is only available on the Rhap this week. With the usual shredding and gravelly singing of Warren Haynes out front, H&M kicks off with the Mr. title track and features 12 new originals written by Haynes, with the crisp n clean guitar tone and vocal chords that have made Warren a modern legend. Drummer Matt Abts always keepin the right time, and together with bassist Andy Hess, they are a very reliable rhythm section. And the organ is stepped up on this album, as rocker Eric Shea notes: "Danny Louis' Hammond organ grinds so hard you can just imagine hamburger meat spilling out the other end. "Like Flies" and "Streamline Woman" provide the perfect soundtrack for tuning up your '76 Nova." There's even an expansion into dub, check out "Unring the Bell." - TK

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