The Format | Dog Problems
Not sure why I just heard about this record a month ago, but since I popped it in, it's been in heavy rotation in my world. Pretty much every song is catchy in a Ben Folds-meets-Freddie-Mercury kinda way and worth a few listens (am I becoming a power-pop fan? or is this just good music?) The harmonies and orchestration are sure to win you over, if you can discern them, then the witty lyrics will (I also hate corporate magazines). First grabber is probably "Time Bomb" and I love how it flows into "She Doesn't Get It." In fact, that is one thing I totally love is the sequencing, how songs move from one to the next, also present after "Dead End" into "Snails" too. And who doesn't love songs about happy snails? Snails see the benefits, the beauty in every inch. - TK

Perfect Description!
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