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Through the first half of the '00's, the interlocking guitar lines and harmonized vocals of Pinback quietly became one of the most in-demand indie rock sounds in America, even if this feat was overshadowed by bigger boys like Modest Mouse and Death Cab. This collection of outtakes and rarities probably won't lure any new fans, but existing acolytes will find plenty to enjoy, including an early demo of "Seville" that reveals the band isn't always airtight, and a charming little ditty in "Versailles" based around some piano chords (rare for these guys). -GK

Also Worth Streaming: the 2004 Pinback masterpiece Summer in Abbadon is also now live in Rhapsody. Really such a perfect album all the way through, bookended by "Non-Photo Blue" and "AFK." Find me a better pre-sunrise album and I'll blog that too. - TK

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