Silversun Pickups | Carnavas
Caught a killer SSPU set last night at the Rickshaw. Really loved their set, much better as a headliner than an opener. Don't know too many of the song titles, save for Sammy's "song of last year" called "Kissing Families," but pretty much liked everything they played, love the energy created by yelling in my face mixed with subtle melodies. They were so excited by the headlining slot, they played an extra long encore and even took requests. I think it's easy to make that comparison to the sound of the Smashing Pumpkins on first listen, but the more you listen, the more they grow into their own. Songs like "Lazy Eye" perfectly mix the bass, guitars and vocals and at this time, this is the favorite on the album. Plus, the female bassist Nikki is sublime, so quiet and shy yet dropping nimble bass bombs, she rocks. - TK

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