Annuals | Be He Me
At the time of Be He Me's release, the Annuals had been declared the latest Internet-bred indie rock sensation, hence hype-fueled comparisons to the Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, etc. The actual similarity? Well, it's that us-versus-them, fists held aloft, DIY spastic/drastic thing -- this music is urgent, earnest and cute. The difference? A little less Talking Heads, a little more Pink Floyd, a little less Muppets, a little more Fraggle Rock (no, we're not sure what that means). Comparisons aside, this is another record of delightfully shambolic orchestral indie rock from the fringes. Jon Pareles from the NYTimes wrote about the band's "joyful eccentricity that could make anyone believe the album's closing assurance, "We'll have it all. We ooh, we can." - GK
One Track Recommendation "Father"

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