Cold War Kids | Robbers and Cowards
CWK have been building buzz all year, especially around SF. Finally, an album to listen to, and it's one of those records, you know the more you listen to it, the more you like it. These songs are retro, yet modern, and the songwriting is mature, yet fresh. Robbers & Cowards kicks off with a wicked one-two punch of "We Used to Vacation" and then "Hang Me Up To Dry" - but it's not front loaded, the "Hospital Beds" and "Saint John" are just as catchy, showcasing the emotional lyrical style of Nathan Willett. Even the font and feel of the album cover and booklet exudes authenticity. A buzz band to stick around? We'll see, but this album is a likely candidate for the end of year top picks list. Give it a listen. Repeat. - TK

Danks for the tunes TK...as usual you are a great source of music and wisdom. -buddah
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