Pavement | Wowee Zowee:
Sordid Sentinels Edition

More than a decade since Pavement released this sprawling, unstoppably creative album, this remastered and 'luxe and deluxe' version arrives, and it has held up very well. The new super-expanded version has a whopping 50 tracks on it! It spotlights Malkmus & Co's once-ignored gift for writing catchy pop hooks ("drowning for your thirst!?" in "Rattled By The Rush") and their ragged appreciation of any (and every) musical style they ever stumbled across. This isn't about your memories of the times; it's about all the new dimensions these songs bring out when you listen to them again. Newly released tracks include all the B-sides from the singles (including the legendary Pacific Trim EP with the classic "Give It A Day" and "I Love Perth" & "Painted Soldiers" from the Steve Lamacq BBC evening session on 3.15.95. Whoo hoo hooo! I'm still dedicated to all my friends. - TK / ND

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