Brett Dennen | So Much More
I could not believe how captivating Brett Dennen was when I saw him at the Independent the other night. I mean, the kid has the look of an overgrown Cabbage Patch Kid and sings about love lost and our pathetic government, yet there were 70% screaming girls in the audience. How is that? I think it's because his words are tender and sincere, and his voice is unique. The first track that hits you immediately is the first song, "Ain't No Reason" but as you dig deeper, songs like "I Asked When" are deep with meaning and songs like "One Who Loves You The Most" are loving and sweet, but both styles are well-written. By performing them with Dan "Chops" Lebo and Steve "Best Stash in the Game" Adams, that obviously took them up to another level. As the songs continue to grow on me, there are timeless classics on this record. The So Much More album is making it into my top 15 of the year, when you feel it, you'll know. - TK
"Music fills the space between the guillotines and the prophecies."

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