Rotary Downs | Chained to the Chariot
Here I come in a crumblin' Chrysler. What a great album, from start to finish. I've been hearing about Rotary Downs for years, first from Zack and more recently from J who simply said "Pavement meets Beck. Listen." So I figured they were good, but this album is way beyond good, it's great. I've liked it since I first heard it, it made my top albums of 2006, and I just listened to it five times in a row again because three different songs jumped out at me and I started to listen more to the lyrics and wonder what it would be like to live in Louisiana under "False Protection". Guess when you're living in a sunken city, you got to fight to keep from tumblin' under. Or maybe you should just drop everything and "Sing Like the Sun." I could go on, reminisce about NOLA, the big parades, pretty in the broken sunken city, all the marching bands are polished 'til they glow. Bow down, this is holy ground! Please stop shredding the truth and listen to this album three times straight through, Rotary Downs is intelligent rock music. - TK

Also featured in the IODA Promonet:
Download "Old Museum" (mp3)
from Chained to the Chariot by Rotary Downs (reapandsow, 2006)

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