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Redd Foxx came to fame as a "blue" comic during a time when shops kept his records hidden behind the counter and had to be requested when the vice cops weren't around (really!). What's surprising now isn't that Foxx can still be off-color; it's how smart and quick-witted his rapid fire one-liners, puns and routines are. - ND
Most Popular Track: "No Shit Folks"

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Ween easily rocked one of the top three shows of the year on Friday night at the Independent. I had heard about these epic long throwdown east coast shows for so long, but never seemed to get more than the standard show in the west coast city that would most enjoy the brown humor. They went on earlier than any band I've ever seen at the Indy, and proceeded to play for what seemed like six hours of just about every classic in their deep, dark repertoire, literally blowing people outside on probably the hottest night of the year. Seriously, I think they played 35 songs, the place was moist, boozed up and rocked out.

The set started with four acoustic numbers and then the electric mayhem started and just would not quit until we were all drenched and brown. Setlist read something like this playlist (the individual links open the Rhapsody.com web playah): Birthday Boy opener, so apropos for that moment, perfect partners and place. Always great things to yell when seeing Ween, like "getcha punkass back to the dog show" in Chocolate Town, Tried and True, Mutilated Lips, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Take Me Away, The Grobe, Even if You Don't, Voodoo Lady, Baby Bitch (affectionately yelling "F%*k You, ya stinkin' ass ho") to your favorite lady friends is somehow funny every time and never gets old), Light Me Up, Push th' Little Daisies, The Mollusk (yes, we spoke of the Trinity, gazing with the wandering eye), Roses are Free (toasting getting in the car to cruise the land of the brave and free), Sketches of Winkle, She's Your Baby, Wavin My Dick in the Wind, Mister Richard Smoker, Reggaejunkiejew, Ocean Man, Buckingham Green, Booze Me Up And Get Me High, Spinal Meningitis, Albino Sunburned Girl, Touch My Tooter, Never Squeal, Hey Bulldog (stellar Beatles cover), Gabrielle (one of those great songs from Shinola, never heard it live before, great request by Josh), Dr. Rock (the whole entire place deafening yelling it with the devil horned finger thing).

The quintuple encore of: What Deaner Was Talkin About, The Final Alarm, Big Jilm! (man, we've been singing this one all summer, finally to get it live and stand next to Big Jim, what a highlight! and right on cue into) Bananas and Blow, You Fucked Up and Someday. This was my favorite show on The Farewell Super DeTour, about the only thing Ween didn't play to recognize the moment was "She Wanted To Leave." So go fetch a bottle...seriously, thank you to Ween and High Road and all the super people at the Independent for making this show happen. After what feels like 100 shows there, I think I now have a favorite. I'm not sure why I love that place so much, I can't put my finger on it! -TK

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Dirty on Purpose | Hallelujah Sirens
Mr. G (who sits next to me at work) told me about these guys after their last release, and I wrote it off as too indie, as I'm wont to do. But this album is great, really growing on me. It's got the classic My Bloody Valentine meets The Cure feel, yet on the other hand, it's got layers of depth, mixing guitars, vocals with a little horn action (like in the first track "No Radio"). Plus, it's got the sultry vocals of Erika from Au Revoir Simone. Not sure if she's hot, but she sounds it. Easy to digest and be impressed by hearing the catchy "Light Pollution." The screaming, intertwined guitar work of "Monument" is a standout (could be my favorite after my twelfth listen) as well as the ethereal buildup on "Fake Lakes." In short, I'm endorsing repeated listens of this record. It will grow on you. - TK
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Umphrey's McGee Rhapsody MixTape
I recorded some pre-show chatter at the Fillmore back in April with Brendan, Joel and Jake, and it is finally cut up and mixed. I really like this style of interview, to talk to musicians about the music they like and intersperse those tracks with the interview. Their recommendations, like UM's style, really runs the gamut, from Huey Lewis' "If This Is It" to Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer" to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac to the (obviously Jake influenced) "Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll" by Blue Oyster Cult and Zappa's "Inca Roads." Check it out, either in Rhapsody or on our new web-based player at rhapsody.com and let me know what you think. I want to do more of these MixTapes. Whaddyathink? - TK

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Phish | Live In Brooklyn
Wow, Phish is back. Sorta, I think they're called GRAB now. Or BRAG. Time flies though, it's already been two summers since the final Phish run, which included this June 17, 2004 show from Brooklyn's Keyspan Park. Although I remember watching it from a movie theater, the guy next to me had his shirt off so it felt like the real thing. Some key career-spanning tracks on here, the obvi fan faves of "Oh Kee Pa->Suzy" and "Mike's->H2->Groove to the Undermind-era fave "Nothing". My favorite the old sentimental number, "The Curtain (With)." Listening without prejudice, there is still some pride at graduating from Phish U. - TK

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